Frequently Asked Questions

You can download a user guide by clicking here
There is no limit to how many devices can be connected to our service at one time. The sole restriction to our service is that you can only have one device connected to a specific server at a time. If you were to use multiple devices simultaneously then you would simply have to connect them to one of our other servers.

This happens when users do not wait for PayPal to redirect to our update page for purchases. When you make a payment and it goes through, your plan is active immediately, but for the details to show in the website, you must log out and log back in for your user data to be updated.

For those who pay with BitCoins or any other crypto-currency that uses CoinPayments, your plan will always require you to log out and back in, but also you must wait until the transaction gets AT LEAST 2 confirmations. This is how we confirm that the payment was received and how CoinPayments works as well.

The short answer to this question is no.
The long answer on the other hand is yes, there is a way to get a free plan, but it does require some work. RA4WVPN has a referral system, which allows users to tell their friends about us, and when they join under another users referral link, any purchases for VPN Access they make, the referrer will get 50% of that time. In other words, User A referrs User B, who then purchases a Monthly plan, User A will get 15 Days that they can use for VPN Access
When you get someone to sign up using your referral ID, you will receive 50% of any purchases of VPN plans. So if the referral purchases a Monthly plan, you will get 15 days. A Quarterly plan will give you 45 days. And so on.

In order to redeem the time your referrals give you, you must have at least 30 days. At this time you can only redeem everything or nothing. In addition to this, it only adds full months of time. So if you have 45 days, only 30 days will be added to your account, and the remaining 15 will stay.
In order to use our VPN, you need a TAP adapter. This is used to connect to our VPN servers. You can install one by downloading and installing OpenVPN. (

Please note that you can use the default OpenVPN Client, or you can use the custom RA4WVPN Client to connect, but you must have the drivers installed!
Yes, it's compatible with Mac and Linux, the process of installation is similar to that of installing on Windows. The OpenVPN software we recommend for use on mac is 'Tunnelblick' a free open source software. Upon installation of the application you simply just need to add your OpenVPN configuration which is found in our config folder on the downloads section. For Linux distributions you can install the openvpn package and use the command openvpn --config /link/to/test.ovpn
This error has multiple causes, so for quick response please send us a ticket or e-mail with your log file. This can be found in your RA4W folder > bin > log > connectionlog.txt. Please copy the contents into the ticket/email.
You can port forward on the port forwarding tab in your dashboard after logging in. You need to use your internal IP from the VPN, port and server. You can find the internal IP by connecting to a server, opening CMD and typing 'ipconfig'. Look for an IP that looks like 10.8.x.x. (Please note that this IP may differ for every location)

If you use canyouseeme to test the port, please make sure you have a program listening on the port, and your firewall is off. Otherwise, the service will show the port as being closed because nothing is responding on the port
We have been forced to disable the Portforwarding feature for some of our servers because of abuse. We hope to be able to remove this limit in the future, but users who torrent on some of our servers get them flagged by Copyright Infringment firms and get our servers suspended. This is a measure to help keep some of our servers uptime closer to 100%.
We have a limit of 10 open ports per account. We do however have an "Unlimited Port" add-on available for purchase when you buy a plan. If you want this add-on but did not buy during purchase open a ticket and we will gladly create an invoice for you to purchase.
Please make sure you use the VPN username and password located on your dashboard or welcome e-mail.
We are protected by CloudFlare and this sometimes causes issues because we use their SSL certificate along with our own private SSL certificates. The issue is with CloudFlare's SSL certificate, it uses Server Name Identification, and some older browsers do not support this. As a fix you will need to use a different, or up-to-date browser. If there are still issues, please let support know
RA4WVPN uses many features to verify that a user that is logging in, actually is a user, and because of this we require users to have a few features installed and operational. For RA4WVPN's website to run without issues, you must be running an updated version of your browser and have the Javascript allowed and uptodate as well. We also use cookies to store your session and need to be able to read your referrals, so if you have cookies or referrals disabled, you will have issues using our site.
The quickest fix for this is to re-install OpenVPN using the OpenVPN Installer and confirm it is installling a TAP adapter for you. By default it should create one, but if you re-installed OpenVPN and still get the error, please contact support. You can find the OpenVPN Installers on their website Here
To fix a DNS leak, there are multiple ways to solve this. You can manually set a DNS server on your network adapter. (Ethernet or Wireless) You can also set a DNS server on your router. Please make sure that you clear your DNS cache after doing this. (Open CMD > ipconfig /flushdns)
NOTE: Using a VPN will not get your speeds higher than your ISP allows! While we have high speed servers, if our servers have a up link at 750Mbps, but your down link is 50Mbps, you will only get the 50Mbps that your ISP allows. This is the same for every VPN provider

There are many factors that contribute to the speeds you get when using our VPN servers. All our servers serve at high speeds, and are capable of handling multiple connections at once, but the largest factor of speed is the user who is connected. We suggest if you have slower speeds, make sure to connect to the closest server to your actual location. We also suggest turn off services that are using the internet on your computer that is not in use. Another thing that some have reported giving higher speeds is to use the default OpenVPN client with the TCP configs.